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We put together the Get Right Get Tight Core and Cardio Training Guide to give you great workouts you can do right from your living room. Our guide will help you work off those extra pounds around your midsection, strengthen your core, and increase your cardiovascular endurance. We created a program that will help you get results and one you can do with minimal equipment! Good-bye muffin top! (The guide is in PDF format so you'll get a link after purchase and be able to download and view on any device).

What's in the guide?

Over 40 pages of exercise and nutrition information including:

*An 8-week training program that includes 3 workouts a week and demonstration videos for every movement. We also provide modifications where applicable

*Additional workout tips to maximize your workouts

*Exercise and nutrition FAQ's that cover weight loss, carbs, calories, and much more

*Nutrition guidance that includes a detailed healthy eating plan

*Specific portion control strategies to help you control your food intake

Get a peek into the guide by scrolling through a few pages above.

You can also check out the Guide FAQ's

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